Our Story 

As a community-driven initiative, we recognized that a large percentage of women from low- income families were keen to learn new skills and improve their financial situations. However, due to cultural and domestic considerations and circumstances, they were unable to leave their homes to participate in the workplace. This motivated us to think of a way in which we could use our technical and artistic abilities in order to help the ladies generate steady incomes, without having to leave their homes and families. And so, Anamill went from concept to creation.

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About Anamill

(Fingertips in Arabic), is an independently funded community engagement initiative launched in 2017 by Visual Artist, Wafa Fayyad.

Our Work

We aim to alleviate poverty and enhance lives, as we devote our efforts to making a lasting impact in our local communities. As strong believers in equal opportunities and inclusive education, we dedicate a good amount of our training efforts on young women with learning disabilities and special needs.

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Anamill works with economically disadvantaged women to develop recycled paper raw materials, which are then professionally assembled to create unique and environmentally – friendly handcrafts, decorative items and functional.

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